High school students Mark, James and Chasely are loner best friends. Mark often feels like the third wheel as James and Chase are a couple, she who Mark also secretly likes. Between the two boys, James is the one with the reckless bravado. Mark and James' loner and best friend status is largely out of a shared history of being raped when they were younger by an older boy named Gary Parker, who has just been released from prison on parole which concerns them and which is not helped by a unilateral move by James. Although Chase knows that Gary had bullied her two friends in the past, she does not know about the rape. While wandering around the forest on his own, Mark sees someone off in the distance burying something. Curious, the three friends return to dig up whatever it is. That something ends up being a dead body. They muse that the body may belong to Tanya Lee, a friend from Chase's childhood and who has been missing. Tanya suffered an accident years ago which had left her mentally challenged. But other indicators suggest that the dead victim is a Canadian backpacker. Not wanting to get involved with a police investigation, the three end up not reporting their find, instead taking advantage of what they sense is an opportunity. Because of the killer's distinctive vehicle, the three are able to track him down. He is suburban husband and father Ian Wright. Leaving a calling card indicating that they know of the dead body, the three anonymously blackmail Ian into murdering Gary. What they are unprepared for is that Ian may have have his own thoughts on the matter, he not taking kindly to being blackmailed. Another factor of what ends up happening is another incident in the forest when Mark was wandering around that day.

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

IMDb: 5.6